Shadow Agency's Digital Wardrobe enables the client to digitally catalogue their entire wardrobe. This annual service is suitable for clients with large collections or wardrobes in multiple locations and who want a better understanding and overview of their collection.

For this service we will help our client to photograph and catalogue their wardrobe on to our digital platform through a personalised app account. The app also allows the client to upload new items, which ensures the wardrobe remains up to date and current. For clients with wardrobes in multiple locations, a primarily wardrobe will be chosen and for the remaining wardrobes the client has the option of uploading the items themselves or with the assistance of Shadow Agency.

Digital Wardrobe is an app service which is based on the same digital platform that is used for the Annual Membership but without the styling and shopping services.

This service can be combined with our Wardrobe Organisation service for those clients that request assistance with organisation of their physical wardrobe.