About us 

Collaboration, Quality, and Authenticity  

Shadow Agency has extensive experience in working with clients in leading business roles, politicians, and public figures. Discretion is a key part of our ethos, and we understand the importance of personalised and flexible services.

With over 10 years' experience in fashion styling, bespoke tailoring and fashion retail in Sweden, France, South Korea, and the United Kingdom, Henrik Havas founded Shadow Agency 2018 in London, to work with a select group of individuals to offer an all-inclusive -service in personal style, wardrobe organisation, and shopping.

Throughout Henrik's career, one of his unique skills has always been a photographic memory for everything regarding clothing and outfits. With Shadow Agency, Henrik knew that he wanted to take that strength and develop it to help others to achieve the same. Shadow Agency launched a digital platform where we can digitally catalogue the client's wardrobe and through the platform communicate with the clients regarding styling options and personal shopping.

Shadow Agency aims to help each client to realise their ultimate version of themselves. We are not driven by fashion trends but by authenticity and quality. 



Shadow Agency focuses on creating long-term relationships with each of our clients. The great joy of dressing a client is to know the person behind the outfit. Shadow Agency collaborates with each client and helps them to realise their ultimate version of themselves and offers efficient services that are suited to their needs.


Shadow Agency believes in creating trust by always being honest. When working with personal style, it is important that the client can always rely on support, service, and advice that is truthful and helpful. Honesty and respect are the key factors in having a successful collaboration with the client. 


Shadow Agency's services and recommendations are made with a prime focus on quality. There are no shortcuts or substitutes to achieve quality. Close collaboration with the client to understand how Shadow Agency can help them in a way that is relevant to their lifestyle is essential.


To be able to provide the client with the most qualified services and recommendations, there is of course a great need for knowledge of fashion, style, trends, culture, and traditions. Shadow Agency has, with great results, provided clients with expertise to enable the client to realise their ultimate version of themselves.


To provide the client with the best quality, there is a need to understand the client's authentic self. Shadow Agency focuses on the style and personality of the client, rather than on trends and hypes. Authenticity is the core of a personal style and our mission is to refine that with authenticity and grace. 


By focusing on quality and not quantity, there is a sustainability focus - which is equally beneficial for the environment, as for the client. Sustainability is a token of respect for the environment and for the client - Shadow Agency always wants to offer services with a focus on quality and longevity.